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CMUS – A command line music player.

cmus is command line based music player for linux based operation system. It supports various output methods by output-plugins. It can be controlled from outside using cmus-remote.

We can use cmus for playing audio on local drive, audio hosted on network or any live stream. I have used cmus to play online radio stations.

There are 7 views in cmus. Press keys 1-7 to change active view.

Library view (1) , Sorted library view (2) , Playlist view (3) , Play Queue view (4) , Browser (5) ,Filters view (6) , Settinsgs view (7)                                                                                                                               Multiple Views of cmus


Cmus Control                                                                                                                                       cmus is conrolled using commands and key presses. Press “:” to enter comand line and “Esc” to come out of command mode. Commands can be auto completed by pressing “tab”.

Press “a” in command mode to add any music to library. Use following key presses to copy marked or selected tracks from views 1-5

a copy tracks to the library in view (1-2)                                                                                          y copy tracks to the playlist in view(3)                                                                                                e append tracks to the play queue in view (4)                                                                                  E prepend tracks to the play queue in view (4)

Common cmus commands

q quit -i
:q exit cmus.
b player-next
c player-pause
x player-play
z player-prev
v player-stop
+ volume +10%
– volume -10%


This is a utility to control running cmus from outside cmus process.  If no argument is given it connect to local cmus socket (~/.cmus/socket). It can also connect o external cmus using  “–server SOCKET”  argument.

Some common commands to control are

-p Start playing.
-u Toggle pause.
-s Stop playing.
-n Skip forward in playlist.
-r Skip backward in playlist.
-R Toggle repeat.
-S Toggle shuffle.
-v VOL Change volume.
-k SEEK Seek.
-Q, Get player status information
-l Modify library instead of playlist.
-P Modify playlist (default).


cmus playlist

You can create a playlist and put in cmus home. It will be visible in playlist view(3). Some of the bollywood channels are listed below.

pi@raspberrypi:~/.cmus $ cat >



By Abhishek Kumar

My name is Abhishek Kumar. I am a Software Engineer from India. I stay in Pune a city in south western India. Pune is a city known for IT services companies.

The main purpose of the writing this blog is to keep collection of my projects done by me.

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