Linux Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

This little credit card size ARM based computer has intrigued me since the time I held it first time in my hand. It just happened by chance, once while browsing through Amazon I ordered it and since then it has become my favorite.

This little piece of hardware gives wings to your imagination, you can do everything you wished right from OS level software experiments to hardware level things.

Raspberry Pi – 2 Model B

It has got 4 USB ports with RJ45 (LAN interface), HDMI and audio visual port. It needs a micro-sd card and external 5v supply. You can use any 5v, 1 AMP or above power supply. Any mobile charger with micro usb port would work fine. There are choice of OS available on here. However, I have used raspbian since beginning, because of support and help available online. Raspbian is debian based Linux distribution for raspberry pi.